Solo Camping on the Mighty Androscoggin

Eventually, realizing I’d be swimming back against the river’s gentle but discernible current, I reluctantly turned around and swam underneath for a lungful’s worth of time. I re-emerged into the deepening sunset to see a loon watching me closely, about 6 feet away. I started treading water, and we regarded each other for a minute or so. Continue reading Solo Camping on the Mighty Androscoggin

Starting Over

I find myself feeling greatly irritated today. Everyone’s annoying me–particularly myself. Almost 9 months to the day, I just left a job where I’d gotten quite comfortable. As one of two supplements people at a nice health food store in Portland, Maine, I had a growing following among the locals and was known as the “supplements guru.” But here I am leaving the comfy little space I created for myself back in September. Why? Continue reading Starting Over